Inspiring Gifts for Everyone

Sacred Cut is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of beautiful and inspiring designs for the individual, home, garden, and more. We use sacred and natural elements to create symbols—iconic representations that have been used for thousands of years to communicate, without words, ideas and beliefs that are important to us. Each of our unique products is designed to inspire and promote positive change and strengthen the connection between ourselves and our world.  To create our masterpieces, we use a process that combines water with sand, similar to the process Mother Nature has been using for millions of years (i.e., Grand Canyon).

Select from our designs and elements or provide us with your idea and a favorite element.  We use sacred and natural elements to create our masterpieces from materials such as geodes, niobium and metal (aluminum, brass, copper, stainless, gold etc). The symbols we currently have available include: cross, angel, Star of David, Ohm, Reiki, peace, heart, Dharma Wheel, dove, smiling face, dolphins, Christian Fish and phrases (Fear Not, I Live for Him, WWJD, Faith and God).

Learn more  about our products for:

  • Retail businesses that value sacred elements
  • Fundraising activities (a recent fundraiser provided a volunteer group with more than 100% profit for their organization)
  • Individual items can be purchased from our Online Store.  Stock is limited to what we have on hand.

Contact us  to learn more about our products and pricing.

Sacred Cut was recently featured on the cover page of the Ventura County Reporter.  Click here to read the article On the cutting edge of sacred

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